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 Patient Centered Medical Home

Welcome to Kenner Army Health Clinic's Medical Home


We are committed to your personal health and wellness. We look forward to partnering with you to maximize your health and readiness. The following information will help us serve you in a manner which will assure high-quality and access to care.


Click here to view Kenner's Patient Centered Medical Home video.


Scheduling of appointments:

When scheduling an appointment you should specify the purpose of the visit. Patients are advised to provide specific diagnosis whenever possible. Medication refills or lab results is not an appropriate reason for a face-to-face medical visit. The purpose of a visit is usually to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan you are your provider have developed. A list of common diagnoses is provided below to assist you in scheduling appointments through our call center at 1-866-LEE-KAHC (533-5242) or on the website www.TRICARE online.com.


For example:             Annual visit/exam

                                Routine 6month check of high blood pressure

                                Routine 3 month check of Diabetes or cholesterol

                                Acute illness- fever, cough, etc


After Hours care can be coordinated with the on call provider at 1-866-LEE-KAHC (533-5242).


Types of Appointments:

Wellness: For scheduling a routine physical or annual exam

Routine: For scheduling chronic disease or episodic follow up care

Acute: PCMs have daily openings for acute illness or acutely injured patients. Patient are advised to be specific when reporting of symptoms and concerns at the time scheduling an appointment to enable your provider and nursing staff to coordinate appropriate lab and diagnostic studies with the acute visit. Examples of acute illnesses are: fevers; coughs; difficulty breathing; difficulty urinating; abdominal pain; pelvic pain; nausea or vomiting.  Acute injuries would be a sprained ankle; a possible broken hand; or an open wound.


Routine exam: Management of chronic disease risk:

Patients with chronic disease risk may require fasting labs 3-7 days prior to routine annual visits. Confirm you status for chronic disease risk with your PCM. Obtain labs in a timely manner prior to your visits to assure that treatment options can be coordinated at the time of your appointment and additional visits will not be required.


Common chronic disease diagnoses are:

High blood pressure/hypertension

High cholesterol/hyperlipidemia

Diabetes mellitus

Asthma/chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Acid reflux/heartburn

Thyroid disease

Kidney disease


Arthritis/degenerative joint disease

Allergic rhinitis

Weight management class obesity control


Appointment arrival:

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to update information and to advance through the screening process. Your efforts will assure that you have adequate time with your provider. In the event you arrive late, your appointment will be abbreviated or reschedule as time allows. Bring a complete current medication list or all your medications bottles with you to each appointment.


Child Policy Statement: Children are generally welcome to accompany parents at their appointments. We are only able to accommodate 2 children at a PCM visit. If a child /children become disruptive, the provider retains the right to end the visit early. Please no children at procedure visits or behavioral health visits.


Medication refill:

Patients requiring medication management are advised to obtain refills at the time of the routine visits. Courtesy refills of lost or misplaced medications will not exceed 30 days and can be handled over the telephone or through secure messaging.



Routine referrals or referral extensions be handled based on clinic necessity. Please note that routine referrals to 10-14 days to process peripheral management. Routine referrals are unable to be expedited.

ASAP referrals are placed in acute, emergent, and or life threatening situations and need scheduling are performed by your team nurse.


Coordination of care with off post specialist/providers:

Patients are advised to obtain a binder/medical folder to maintain personal health records. Consultation folders will be provided at the time of your appointment by your medical care team.

Patients are advised to obtain CD-ROM copies of diagnostic tests or studies from other medical facilities at the time the study/test is performed and to maintain this with their personal records.

Patients are strongly advised to obtain copies of Kenner labs and diagnostic studies from the Medical Correspondence Section prior to specialty appointments. The Medical Correspondence Section is located directly across from the pharmacy on the first floor the main Kenner building. Patients are also advised to obtain copies of appropriate Kenner x-ray studies and other needed data for off post specialist appointments. 


Telephone communication and secure messaging:

Patients are advised that the primary care team has72 hours to respond to your messages. Messages are monitored throughout the day and prioritized for response. Nursing staff are routinely directed to notify patient of lab or diagnostic study results. When necessary, nurses may advise patients to obtain additional labs or studies and follow up with the provider. Nursing staff will assist in scheduling appointments with the expectation the patient will have performed the necessary testing prior to visit.


Behavioral Health:

Your PCM team will assist in your medication management in coordination with your behavioral medicine professional’s recommendations. Patients are advised to obtain provider lists of behavioral medicine professionals on the TRICARE online website or through TRICARE NORTH REGION at 1-877-874-2273 OPTION 2, 2, enter the Sponsor’s FULL SSN, 2, 1.


Women's Health:

The PCM team can assist with annual Pap exams, mammograms scheduling, osteoporosis screening, STD screening, family planning and acute gynecological visits.


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