Physical Exams

Periodic Health Assessment

An annual PHA is required for all officers, warrant officers and enlisted personnel of the Army, regardless of component. All general officers (brigadier general and above) on active duty will undergo a periodic health assessment every year. The PHA is completed in two parts. Part 1 is to be completed prior to the scheduling of the Part 2 with the service member's primary care manager.

Part 1:

A current self-reported health status and review to include: The electronic version of the PHA, available on AKO, is the method of completing the PHA (see AR 40-501, chapter 8-20). The PHA statement of health will include questions on tobacco use, stress, alcohol abuse, behavioral health and traumatic brain injury exposure, as well as questions designed to meet the Joint Commission Accreditation. The PHA survey is to be done prior to the appointment with the Primary Care Manager.

A review will then be completed by the Physical Exams Section of the soldier's height and weight, current medical conditions and deployment related health problems, to include screening for traumatic brain injury exposure, allergies, medications, required immunizations, update of medical readiness laboratory tests, audiology and optometry examinations results. The DD Form 2766, Adult Preventive and Chronic Care Flow-sheet will be documented and/or updated with the most current information. Medical readiness will be documented and/or updated electronically in MEDPROS during the encounter.

for individuals over 50 years old.There are three types of Periodic Health Assessments: one for individuals under 40 years old; one for individuals between 40 and 50 years old; and one

Download these forms to help you navigate the steps needed to obtain your PHA.

PHA under 40

PHA over 40

PHA over 50

The review will be provided on a walk-in basis at the Active Duty Clinic, Monday-Friday. The Physical Exam section will be responsible for the scheduling of an appointment for the Part 2 of the specialty exams, periodic health assessments or retirement/separation exam. In the event there is not an available appointment at the time of the request, the service member will be informed that an appointment will be scheduled within the next 28 calendar days of the initial request per the Military Health System Guide.

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