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Army Health Promotion
Army health promotion is a leadership program defined as any combination of health education and related organizational, political, and economic interventions designed to facilitate behavioral and environmental changes conducive to the health and well-being of the Army community. Health promotion encompasses the assets of educational, environmental, and medical support services, enabling people to increase control over and improve their quality of life, health, wellness, and well-being. Army health promotion focuses on the integration of primary prevention and public health practice into community and organizational structure to ensure that health and well-being are part of the way in which the Army does business. Health is the product of many personal, environmental, and behavioral factors.

Objective of the Army Health Promotion Program
The objective of the Army Health Promotion Program is to implement programs and services at the community level in support of the National Prevention Strategy (NPS), which are designed to meet the needs of Army beneficiary population while collaborating with other departments and agencies

Included in the role of the Army Public Health Nurse is to Inform, Educate, and Empower People about Health Issues that affect readiness and overall well-being of Service Members, their beneficiaries, Civilians and the communities we serve.

Reference is AR 600-63

What we do…
Keep Performance Triad, Change TFL flyer to the current one; keep Leisure travel, delete integrative health and add in Blood pressure screening, keep community health events

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