Nutrition Care Services

Services Included:

Nutrition Education:  The dietitian is available for classes, workshops, briefings, educational displays for military units, Family Readiness Groups and other beneficiaries.

Medical Nutrition Therapy:  Nutrition counseling is provided to Active Duty service members, family memebrs and retirees who receive care through Army Kenner Health Clinic. Referrals to the dietitian are generally done through the patient’s provider.

The dietitian's scope of practice includes nutritional management of: diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, oncology, high-risk pregnancy, cardiovascular disease and disorders of lipid metabolism, pediatric nutritional concerns, weight/dietary practices, and other disorders with nutritional components. The dietitian is also available for counsel for stress/emotional eating, diet and tobacco cessation, bariatric surgery candidates, sports/fitness performance nutrition.

The dietitian is the provider for the required nutritional counseling by a registered dietitian, in accordance with AR 600-9, appendix C, of the Army Body Composition Program.

For questions regarding referrals and/or appointments, call: (804) 734-9073 or 734-9993.


Contact Information 
Phone: 804-734-9993

Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 4 p.m.


700 24th Street
Fort Lee, Va. 23801
(Inside the Family Medicine Clinic)