Patient Advocate

Kenner Army Health Clinic is dedicated to providing high-quality, safe, cost-effective, accessible medical care and heatlh promotion programs to beneficiaries.  The KAHC team strives to treat everyone with dignity and respect and make each and every encounter the most pleasant, patient-friendly experience possible.

If you or your family has a concern or a complaint about the service provided at Kenner Army Health Clinic, share it with us. It is important that we address and try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. You may notify KAHC of issues regarding your care in person, in writing or via e-mail. The Patient Advocate will assist you when you don't know where else to turn or you have problems with your medical care.

Any time you need assistance, feel free to call (804) 734-9512, visit the Patient Advocate's office in Room B102c or text your concerns to (804) 267-0338. You may also contact the commander directly and anonymously, if desired on the KAHC web page.

Joint Outpatient Experience Survey - JOES helps us improve your healthcare 

The Military Health System sends out the Joint Outpatient Experience Surveys (JOES).  JOES, replaced the Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey, as a single survey for all military treatment facilities across the services.  It combines and standarizes mehtods used to learn about beneficiary health care experiences with the goal of making them better.

JOES will have a considerable impact on how MHS delivers health care.  Whichever health care system TRICARE beneficiaries go to, they will receive the same questionnaire, mailed to their homes, to report their experience.

Kenner Army Halth Clinic's leadership values this feedback from our patients and uses it to identify areas where we can improve to recognize our outstanding personnel.  We encouarge all our patients to complete and submit the surveys.

Contact Information 
Phone: Patient Advocate: 804-734-9512