Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Effective health care requires a partnership between patients, physicians and other healthcare professionals. Open and honest communication, respect for personal and professional values, and sensitivity to differences are important to good patient care. Kenner Army Health Clinic strives to provide a foundation for understanding and respecting the rights and responsibilities of patients, families, physicians, and other caregivers. The hospital seeks to ensure a health care ethic that respects the role of patients in making decisions about treatment choices and other aspects of their care.

Patient Rights

As a patient at Kenner Army Health Clinic you (or your agent) have the right to:

  • Access to healthcare regardless of race, creed, sex, nationality, or rank. Everyone is treated equally except in accordance with laws and regulations whereas priority is given to active duty soldiers followed by TRICARE Prime enrollees, then all other beneficiaries.

  • Considerate and respectful care with dignity. You have the right to considerate, respectful care at all times and under all circumstances with recognition of your personal dignity, values, and beliefs.

  • Effective assessment and management of pain. You have a right to expect quick response to pain and a concerned staff committed to prevention and management of pain.

  • Know the names of all health professionals taking care of you. You have a right to know the identity and professional status of all individuals providing services to you and to know which provider is primarily responsible for your care.

  • Information about your illness and treatment plan, including the right to request a second opinion or to refuse treatment. You have the right to participate in decisions involving your health care. You may obtain a complete and current explanation of your diagnosis, treatment options, prognosis, and planning your care including the right to request a second opinion or refuse treatment or to designate a person to act on your behalf if you become unable to make your own decisions. You or a legally designated person may participate in making decisions regarding your medical care including discharge plans and obtaining information about your continuing healthcare needs including possible needs for services not available at this facility. All patients other than active duty may refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and government regulation. Active duty must abide by AR 40-2 and AR 600-20.

Patient Responsibilities

As a patient at Kenner Army Health Clinic you are responsible for:

  • Provide all necessary personal and medical history required for treatment.. Keep all follow-up appointments with your Provider to ensure you care is properly monitored.

  • Provide the information necessary to process your other health insurance if you are covered by insurance along with your TRICARE benefit.

  • Provide information about medications. To the best of your knowledge and ability, to provide accurate and complete information about medications you are taking, your current and past health conditions, and complaints and any other matters related to your health to your provider.

  • Report changes in your condition. You are responsible for reporting unexpected changes in your condition to your health provider and to make it known that you understand the course of treatment you have agreed to and what is expected of you.

Patients & Visitors - Patient Rights and Responsibilities

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC)

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) is an independent federal investigative and prosecutorial agency. Our basic authorities come from four federal statutes: the Civil Service Reform Act, the Whistleblower Protection Act, the Hatch Act, and the Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

OSC's primary mission is to safeguard the merit system by protecting federal employees and applicants from prohibited personnel practices, especially reprisal for whistleblowing.

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